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 Must have grocery items

Must have grocery items

Every week, my grocery list is pretty much the same but I always try to add new things to try new recipes. Sometimes I’ll look at Pinterest and throw a few extra things in the cart or I just started skimming through Hannah Bronfman’s book “Do What Feels Good” for inspiration. I actually love grocery shopping. Here are a few staples that are always in my house! 

  • Leafy greens: spinach is my number one must-have. Good for salads, smoothies and to add with eggs! I add it to whatever I can! I also often get kale and arugula.

  • Lemons: easiest ways to dress up a salad, perfect for the morning with warm water and can drizzle on my other dinner meals, including salmon

  • Lean proteins: salmon, ground turkey always. Chicken breast too!

  • Zoodles: enough said :)

  • Berries: high in fiber - these are perfect to add to yogurt or have as a morning snack

  • Cauliflower pizza crust: always craving pizza

  • Non fat Greek yogurt: my go to in the morning

  • Almond milk: for smoothies and baking

  • Fresh plants or flowers: fresh flowers put me in a better mood and I always try to get some during my weekly grocery run - good for the soul!

  • Eggs: weekend breakfast fave and perfect to add for baking

I try to also get a lot of fruit and veggies for salads and snacks but this is constantly changing and I’m always adding more - celery, cucumbers, figs, watermelon, peaches (ugh this has been my addiction lately!) and pineapples. I also get a few snacks but try to limit processed food in the house - as much as possible anyway! 

What are the grocery items you can’t live without?

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