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The Nutritious Life Studio - Why I Applied

The Nutritious Life Studio - Why I Applied

I’m nearly done with my Nutritious Life Studio classes and looking back on why I joined in the first place. Before I dive in, let me tell you a little about The Nutritious Life Studio (TNS).

What is TNS?

Founded by Keri Glassman, a nationally recognized celebrity nutritionist, registered dietitian, healthy cooking expert and published author, TNS provides cutting-edge nutrition and wellness education and supports a thriving community of wellness professionals in building and growing their healthy businesses.

Why I Decided to Apply to TNS

To say I am passionate about health and wellness is an understatement. I have worked in healthcare public relations for nearly seven years across a variety of therapeutic areas. When I first considered applying for TNS, I applied in the hopes that I would continue to learn about nutrition and living a healthy life with the support of the Nutritious Life experts and community. When thinking about my goals, in my application, I wrote:

I want to build a wellness brand that will inspire others to live a healthy life. I also want to create meaningful content, connect with like-minded, passionate people and grow my existing wellness account. I am dedicated, passionate and hardworking and am confident I would excel during this program and with this certification. Let's create a healthier world together!

So, Has it Been Worth It?

Yes, a million times yes! (sounds like I just accepted a proposal :)). I have learned about things that I have questioned in an easy, digestible and enjoyable way. I have connected with a community of like-minded individuals- just as I had hoped - all passionate about giving back and making the world a healthier place. The community has probably been my favorite part. I have attended live events where I am learning more, and meeting new people that inspire me. Joining TNS has also encouraged me to start this blog and I am on my way to creating content that will hopefully help others live their best and healthiest lives.

I have been in a room where I heard things I needed to hear, even teared up and gotten the chills. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in a room with people who want the same things as you. It’s an indescribable feeling that has left me wanting more.

I am nearly towards the end and almost TNS certified. I can’t wait to share more of my key learnings with you all! So a thank you in advance to Keri and TNS team. You have taught me to dream, and believe in myself. And for those reading this, I hope this inspires you to go after what you want. Whether it’s a new job, a side hustle, or just spending your time learning something for you, you deserve it.

To living our best and healthiest lives.

xx well and gray

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